Family Portraits ~ Oahu, Hawaii

Last weekend I had the opportunity to travel to the island of Oahu for a wedding and a few family portrait sessions. A past client of mine, Hailey got together a few of her friends and we had a marathon portrait day. I photographed 4 families at different locations in Oahu.What a fun day!

We started off with Krisla’s Family. Krisla has 4 children, 3 of which are triplets! All of the kiddos are adorable and so much fun to photograph. We started at 8am at beautiful Lani Kai Beach in Kailua. It was a bright sunny day with amazingly blue water…






Next I met up with Joey & Sarah at Kailua Beach Park. I really like this spot! There were lots of trees and grass as well as the very blue ocen and white sand. I love to have a good variety to work with. Joey & Sarah were actully moving away from the island the next day. I am so glad I had the pleasure of meeting them them before they left…






I went back to Lani Kai Beach to meet up with Hailey and Robert. It was so nice to see and work with these two again! When I first met them they flew over to Maui for an Engagement Session at Makena Cove. They have since gotten married and it seems that married ife is treating them well. Hailey has he most infectious smile! I was smiling the entire time I was photographing them. Robert is such an easygoing, calm energy to have around. Thank so much Hailey for organizing this fun day for me! I am so glad we got to meet up again before you move on to your next adventures somewhere else…






Last but not least I met up with Johana and her family for a sunset shoot in Ko’olina. I think the Ko’olina has to be one of my favorite spots in Oahu. Such a beautiful place. We could not have asked for a better sunset. Johana & her husband have the two most adorable little girls! These girls were so much fun to photograph and so well behaved! I couldn’t stop snapping away…








The two girls sat by me and giggled when we took this one!…



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