Dj or Roller Derby?…

Recently I have found myself twittering quite a bit about what I want to be when I grow up!! haha..While I was at the Bridal Expo in Honolulu I had the most awesome dj’s/ entertainers right around the corner from my booth. Every time I heard the music get loud I would wander over to see what they were up too. You could totally tell that they really,  truly enjoyed even loved what they do! They danced and entertained all of the vendors & guest at the expo..They loved having an audience and we were blown away by their crazy, outrageous dance moves. They were awesome..I decided that day that I should be a dj because it just looks like so much fun! Then the realization came to me…I can’t dance! So onto a new idea.. Roller Derby! I love to roller skate..I am pretty tough..well sort of..I doubt I would wear fishnets and a miniskirt or get tattoos but hey I am sure there are other costumes.. Then I remembered..I am a mom and I am 30 something..hmm doubt I could be a roller derby girl..but it sounded fun in my head.

I know what draws me to these kind of people..they love what they do! They adore it, cant get enough of it!

Funny thing about all of my crazy ideas is that I already love what I do..I think that I have one of the best jobs on the planet. I get to connect with people on the most exciting, happiest day of their lives just as a new journey for them is about to begin. I get to be a part of peoples memories. I recently attended a funeral of a close family friends father. I had photographed this friends wedding a while back and her brothers a few year prior to hers. When my husband and I arrived at the funeral we were handed a program and on the cover was a photo that I had snapped of my friends father at her brothers wedding. He was smiling and holding up a shaka to my lens. I cried. I felt so honored to have been part of this persons life & captured memories for his family.

I dont share many images of my family on my blog..sadly as a busy mom I have let life get in the way..I very rarely take pictures of my family. In fact We have never had family portraits taken! Not that it hasn’t been offered..I am just always too busy. So I have decided to make it a priority to take pics of my family this year.

I have had a wonderful 2009 and am looking forward to 2010. Thank you to all my clients, friends & family for appreciating me. I have an amazing career that I adore and a beautiful family that puts up with my craziness. I announced to my family today that I wanted to be a roller derby girl and my husband just shook his head, chuckled and walked away. Priceless!

What I really want to be is a person that loves what she does: a mother, wife & memory keeper.. I think that I am there. I love it, adore it, can’t get enough.

~ kim


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