Teeny Baby Feet :: Maui Newborn Photographer

Today was a great day..I was able to photograph this cutie:

See previous post & fast forward to 6 days ago >> this adorable little guy was hatched. I just adore teeny baby feet all wrinkly & cute, fuzzy little baby backs & itty bitty hands and fingers. A perfect way to start my day! His parents have not settled on a name yet..I think that is really awesome to meet the new member of your family and get to know him for a bit before you decide. Even at 6 days old you can tell that he has a very calm personalty. He only offered one little cry of protest at my clicking camera and other than that he followed his mothers soft voice around the room and posed quite perfectly for me. He was born at home..9lbs..he seems so tiny to me! Such a perfect, beautiful little boy. Congratulations Charla, Greg & Ezra! Thank you so much for having me capture this special time for you guys..

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