My Dog Children =)…

Well …relating to my last post..I have still not taken pics of my human children so I thought i would start with my dog children =)

Braddah & Roxy  are Olde English Bulldogges..very different from the short pudgy English Bulldogs..they are taller, more athletic and have very few health issues. Although they consume a LOT of my time..I adore them!

Braddah is 67 pounds way to strong for his own good. He is still a puppy and I would say not the brightest boy! Roxy is such a sweet, intelligent girl. Braddah irritates her to no end and she usually just walks away but when she gets mad she can take him down in a second! My kind of girl. Aren’t they so cute??  =)

My dog child thinks he is a human…

Sweet Roxy…

Tugging on poor Roxy’s ear…

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